Who we are

Diet-NE joins a group of specialists in Food Science from years committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and in particular the correct food choices, both in clinical and territorial.
It also makes use of the contribution of direct Experts from the School cooperates with the latter for the implementation of the “Programs” food education that have already involved more than 20,000 students.


It born of the certainty that our food choices are the result of an interaction between genetic predisposition and environment in which we live; the latter significantly affects our behavior, favoring food consumption unaware. With this in mind, the first objective of Diet-NE is to make available “A table of colors” is an innovative tool for the “visualization” of habits and food choices, aimed mainly at schools, as a means of fun-learning as well as to adults who want to acquire nutritional choices. Plans for organizations and institutions, strategies to be implemented in the field of nutrition, the proper nutritional information and canteens. Develops protocols of scientific research for companies and food industries conscious dissemination of healthy eating and sustainable.

The educational message

A healthy lifestyle and, in particular, a healthy diet is the basis of “Well-Being” psychophysical of each of us. The search for a balanced diet free from rigid patterns and monotonous, is the pillar of our scientific thought.
”Besides the diet … in view of a conscious consumption …”
This is, in short, the behavioral-educational message that we want to promote the protection of health and the environment in which we live.

Combination food-culture

Our power is the result of a complex interaction between biological signals genetically encoded and sensory experiences, emotional and cultural benefits the environment in which we grew up and where we live; a social and environmental context that, as a result of the radical changes undergone in the last fifty years, has contributed to the significant increase of metabolic-degenerative diseases (obesity, diabetes, cancer, anorexia, etc).
To prevent and treat these diseases is essential to move towards a sustainable consumption, face to respect the ecosystem and projected towards the search for quality food, as well as the right quantities; consumption that is the result of knowledge gained, but also of choices and behaviors that take into account the traditions, customs and practices that constitute the gastronomic fine cuisine of a region.

Food education in step with the times can not overlook anything.

We firmly believe in the combination food-culture, because behind every food choice there is the taste, flavors, history, customs, traditions that sink in the ancient roots of a people.
For this, our activities are directed to bring out the food culture in a broad approach to involvement.
We believe that the best work is done in teams, creating a broad network of alliances among the best productive forces, cultural and scientific of our country.