We create a system of schools:

  • united in the objectives;
  • adhering to the network of nutritional surveillance and various sensory experiences playful;
  • promoting the exchange of experiences through various moments or days of socializing, planned and shared online.


A “School of Taste” has among its objectives:

  • educate consumer awareness through effective instruments of self-analysis and criticism;
  • promote empowerment and the development of critical consciousness
  • restore and enhance the traditional foods and traditions related to food and gastronomy of the territory of belonging and, more generally, by the Mediterranean, basic support for sustainable consumption.

Joining the network of “Schools of Taste” provides, simply, the adoption of a “Charter of values“, a prerequisite for a share of common actions.



The schools participating in the Network of Taste are their following values:

  1. Consumer education is an inalienable right of all;
  2. the center of each planned activity is the pursuit of well-being, today and tomorrow;
  3. schools of taste develops a series of cognitive processes and activities aimed at the growth of a consumer aware and capable of critical judgment;
  4. planned activities privilege the playful sensory experiences and socializing;
  5. It is searched for the use of a simple and intuitive language, capable of conveying messages of easy and immediate comprehension;
  6. human nutrition has a strong social and cultural action that is highlighted in every educational process or planned;
  7. solidarity and sustainability items to research and promote the production and in food consumption;
  8. knowledge and enhancement of agricultural production and food premises occupy a central place in activities aimed consumer education;
  9. for specific purposes, schools of taste seek alliances in the territory: families, private companies, public institutions.